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Perspective on Customers
SNS seeks and solicits specific corporate customers that bring the substantial value to each unique development project.   A Customer's strategic fit with a specific project may include technology, existing markets, corporate reputation and branding as well as other tangible and intangible assets.   The Customer becomes the recipient of the greatest strategic and financial value from the project. Customer benefits include:
  • Maximum cost efficiency in implementation of the business development opportunity; no reinventing of the wheel
  • " Pay For Performance ", as development and total acquisition costs are spread across the development cycle of the business
  • Achieve increased leverage from core customer assets and competencies
  • Achieve Total Ownership/Control of a project as it proves viability and value
  • Ability to train and integrate key employees through the early development phases (validation, testing, implementation) of the project
  • Back-out Options staged throughout the project development

Core Consulting Team Competencies
  • Highly experienced, proven successful strategic plan development skills, including tactical implementation plans for validation, testing and rollout
  • Extensive experience in the development of Retail Point of Sale markets, technologies, services and support
  • Extensive experience in retail services developed in coordination and partnership with commercial banking institutions
  • Extensive financial planning and assessment skills
  • Access to tightly controlled technologies including powerful, low cost Linux based CPU's with existing integrated mobile wireless communications, database applications and an extensive library of software applications available in a plug and play type environment